Sandia is a semester-long arts education program currently being developed for under-served LGBTQ+ youth (aged 14-20), created and hosted by Cordova. The classes, conducted by working practitioners living locally and internationally, will happen weekly and culminate in a final exhibition. It presupposes that access to arts education and creative resources, and the development of critical thinking skills, can be an engine for social and political change.

The students themselves, many of which come from under-served backgrounds and live in lower income areas,  are the center of the program. They are offered the possibility of developing and understanding art as a site for political and social debate, self-expression, and as a pathway out of difficult situations or as viable career options, demonstrated by the success of the invited tutors and course directors. 

The course encourages critical thinking capacities, long-term development strategies for working on artwork, art historical education, and diverse reference points, providing students a sense of solidarity with a wide range of practitioners and among themselves. Ultimately, Sandia seeks to provide the students with the resources, references, tools and confidence necessary for them to become confident, socially-aware, capable and talented individuals.

For more information please contact with subject line Sandia.